Real Estate Agents and Office Managers

MIDWEST ROOFING CONSULTANTS, INC.  can save you time, money, and aggravation.

DON'T LOSE A SALE  because a buyer or seller gets the wrong information on a roof. 

Most building inspectors are not experts when it comes to roofs and typically, will recommend that a roofing contractor look at anything they're not sure about. This opens the door for confusion and problems that cost you time and money.  Call Now! and get started. 


  • Accurate, unbiased evaluations  of roof systems for your clients.  MIDWEST ROOFING CONSULTANTS is not trying to sell roofs or repairs. 
  • Written reports  detailing any defects, including  pictures, life expectancy of the system, accurate costs for any necessary repairs. No need to call a roofing contractor or construction contractors for estimates. 
  • MIDWEST ROOFING CONSULTANTS  can evaluate any bid or contract you receive and provide suggestions to protect your client.

Office Managers

MIDWEST ROOFING CONSULTANTS, INC. is available for brief question and answer sessions with your agents that will be invaluable in the training of new agents. These are special requests and require a scheduled appointment well in advance.

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