Commercial / Industrial Property

Yearly roof evaluations and a maintenance program can save you thousands of dollars and add life to your roof, not to mention adding value to your property.

Whether you occupy the space or the building is leased, a reliable roof system is important. MIDWEST ROOFING CONSULTANTS, INC. can provide you with the maintenance program that will fit your budget.  Don't wait until you have major roofing issues and expenses, CALL NOW! and start saving money.

Having mechanical equipment replaced or new equipment installed?

MIDWEST ROOFING CONSULTANTS, INC. can provide assistance in protecting your roof during installations of HVAC equipment. Problems that develop after new equipment is installed can void warranties and cost thousands of dollars to repair.  New roofs can be compromised by improper installation of the roof top equipment.

Maintaining the integrity of the system is crucial to the life expectancy and the manufactures guarantee for the product.

Annual inspection and a yearly maintenance plan can keep you on track.

Property developer says...

Pete Kraus of Midwest Roofing Consultants is always my FIRST call, when I encounter any problems related to water intrusion, whether it involves the roof itself, chimneys, parapets, or flashings. Pete not only is prompt in responding, but I trust him completely to identify the problem with no regard to creating business for his firm. Pete has solved numerous problems for my firm, and for friends and associates that I've referred to him. He also has steered me to correct solutions to water issues even when the problem originated from a source other than the roof. Without question, Pete Kraus is my Number 1 troubleshooter for water intrusion and roofing problems.
-Owen Development
St. Louis, Missouri..

Having a dispute with an insurance company, contractor, etc?

MIDWEST ROOFING CONSULTANTS, INC. can help negotiate on your behalf.  We have testified as an expert witness in court cases. Don't wait, CALL NOW!


Business property owner and developer says...

I have been using Midwest Roofing Consultants for over 25 years. The company has done both residential and commercial work for me. I have recommended them many times in the past and will continue to do so in the future. The firm's credibility is excellent, the work is always done in a very professional manner, and the quality of their work is also always excellent.

-N. Friedmeyer - Excelda Development
St. Louis, MO

Commercial property owner says...

Pete has taken care of all our roofs (both commercial and residential) for over 25 years. He has dealt with many different types of materials and with many challenging situations, as our buildings range from relatively new to quite old. I have been very happy with his service and advice, and would be perfectly comfortable in recommending him for any type of roofing project.

-J. Forshaw
 St. Louis, Missouri